Cheap Weighing Scales

Numerous times a week I pick up the phone and speak to customers who ask for ‘cheap scales’, my reply is simple;

“we don’t sell cheap scales…”

This is true; we don’t,  however we do supply a range of cost effective scales that fit even the tightest budget. If I have learnt one thing working within the weighing trade it has to be buy cheap pay at least twice and there are a lot of cheap scales on the UK market.

After watching the market destroy itself from within the only way forward was to cut out the middlemen and buy direct from the far east. The decision to buy weighing scales from China and Taiwan was not an easy or quick one. As a company we deliberated as to whether it was right for our company. Our ethos has always been to sell weighing scales that we would be happy using our self. Sadly this is cannot always be said by others.

After evaluating numerous products we chose to supply a range from an OEM supplier in China who were able to develop an own label product for us. MWS Ltd has the sole distributor rights for this line of products.

This range of counting and bench scales and are predominantly sold direct through our on-line scale shop Scalesmart.

An upcoming trip to a large weighing scale exhibition in Shanghai will enable us to meet more suppliers and develop closer relationships with existing suppliers to ensure the high quality products we buy remain.

Despite heavy investment in scales from abroad our company has not lost focus on the fact that there is still a large demand for high quality UK manufactured weighing scales. This is where our parent company MWS Ltd excel.

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