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5CW51 / 6CW51 Checkweigher

Checkweigher conveyor for completeness check and for weighing large format products, characterized by great sturdiness and low cost.

Weighing rangeup to 60000 g
Display divisionfrom 5 g
Linear speedup to 50 m/min
Throughputup to 60 ppm

The weight is measured by means of a weighing system positioned on a conveyor belt.

It has an IP54 degree of protection and can be combined with infeed and outfeed roller conveyors.

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Simple, functional electronics
Digital electronics with an alphanumeric display, complete with self-calibration device, mobile average function and 100 storable programs. There are also 2 RS232 C serial ports available. Multi-level password protected access reduces human error to a minimum.

Stable, safe and easily serviced mechanics
Detection occurs through a platform weighing system positioned on a inline conveyor with drum motor motorisation. Adopting a platform system allows cleaning operations to be done quickly, cutting maintenance costs and line downtime. The module is supported by a stainless steel structure that gives the system stability, eliminating possible vibrations and disturbances originating from the workplace. The model meets protection standards, available from IP54.

More than 35 years of inspection and quality control: an experience that comes to life in every new model that is designed and built in our establishments.

Italian passion for quality is reflected in every machine detail. The attention to every detail, guided by thirty years of experience, is the real added value of PRISMA machines. Finished down to the last detail and made entirely of stainless steel, it is able to withstand intense washing cycles, which can be done extremely quickly.

Conformity with standards
The 5CW11 and 6CW11 meet the ISO-FDA HACCP standard, the main directives (including, among others: OIML R51 directive, FDA approvals, FAT/SAT IQ/OQ) and complies with customer guidelines and standards (including, among others: BRC and Marks & Spencer).

Performance and Versatility
Our machines meet high levels of performance and product interchangeability; and wherever they are unable to reach, we can design a tailored system for every requirement.

Return on Investment
Imagine how much you can save with a low cost online checkweigher that does not waste product, generate false rejects or force production standstills and that protects the brand. Savings that extend over the years, thanks to the high quality of the materials and the longevity of the machine, which are at top market levels. Our sales team knows how to find the solution that best suits any type of budget and expected financial return.

Convenience and simplicity
A simple, streamlined user interface and years of experience installing and integrating into production lines. All the models can be equipped with Ethernet and USB interfaces to transmit data and all the machines can also be connected to a single, centralised data collection system, our Data Manager Tracking.

More Information
Maximum Capacity60kg
EC ApprovedNo
Power Requirements380 V three-phase 50/60Hz with ground and neutral
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