Adam Equipment

ABI-1 Ioniser

Neutralizes static electricity to improve weighing accuracy and boost efficiency

Static charge that accumulates on certain materials can wreak havoc with sensitive electronic instruments, including scales and balances. Adam Equipment’s ioniser addresses the issue of excess static electricity, increasing accuracy and helping to maintain sample integrity.

The Adam ionizer neutralizes the static charge that accumulates in non-conductive materials such as plastic, glass, ceramics, paper and textiles. When these materials encounter friction, heat or pressure, static electricity can build up, especially in lowhumidity environments.

Lightweight and easily movable, the ioniser can be positioned conveniently beside the weighing instrument, or it can be manually directed at a particular item to be weighed.

£877.00 £1,052.40

Discharge time: 9s/5cm, 13s/10cm, 100s/40cm (with fan on)
Standard distance from sample to ion source about 5-40cm At a distance of 2cm from ion source ozone concentration is 0-0.05 ppm
Maximum air volume 0.06 cm3/min For indoor use only

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