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ATEX Weighing Scales - FAQ

Last updated: October 17th 2018

ATEX Scales

Choosing an ATEX weighing scale?

Scalesmart supply a number of different ATEX weighing solutions from a number of manufacturers. Scalesmart also have the capability to design and manufacture scales at the factory in Leicester.

Types of ATEX scales available.

• Laboratory Balances
• Bench Scales
• Gas Bottle Filling
• Pallet Truck Scales
• Floor Scales

Establish the type of ATEX Zone:

Whilst Scalesmart endeavour to help provide customers with ATEX accredited equipment it is not possible to determine the ATEX zone for you. Typically a health and safety officer for your business will carry our a risk assessment to establish the correct ATEX zone, if you do not have a person who can do this within the busy there are external companies who can carry out assessments and provide documented reports. The HSE website has a good article on ATEX & Explosive Atmospheres which should help guide you into making an educated decision. The back stop is to choose a unit suitable for Zone 1/21, this should cover you as this is the highest possible rating for weighing.

ATEX Balances

Weighing small powders or liquids can be tricky in a hazardous area due to the limited amount of products on the market suitable for this application, doing that in an explosive environment becomes a lot harder and your choice of scale becomes even narrower. Luckily Scalesmart can source and supply a high accuracy ATEX laboratory for weighing the smallest of products albeit with an extended lead time as they are made to order.

ATEX Bench Scales

For weighing in hazardous areas a bench scale might be required. There are numerous different models to choose from with a variety of manufactures producing high quality equipment. Scalesmart supply models from Dini Argeo, Radwag and Shinko plus our own range of ATEX Floor Scales manufactured in our factory in Leicester.

When choosing which type of ATEX bench scale you need it is important to decide where the power supply is likely to be located. Using a power supply that is situated in a safe area is normally far cheaper than buying a zoned power supply.

ATEX Platforms & ATEX Pallet Truck Scales

Choosing a method of weighing pallets and IBC's may require some thought. By using an ATEX pallet truck scale you dispense of the need for a forklift truck which can be costly. When filling or dispensing IBC's a floor scale or U frame style scale would be the best. Scalesmart can supply terminals with a range of features than can control valves or filling systems.

Complex ATEX systems can be handled by the Scalesmart technical team who will be glad to give free advice on ATEX weighing systems.

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Scalesmart & MWS Ltd strive to be the number one supplier of premium weighing equipment that ensure purchases today and in the future.

To all of you, from all of us at Scalesmart & MWS Ltd

Andrew Clarke
Managing Director

ATEX Weighing Systems & Capabilities

Utilising products purchased from Scalesmart there are a number of solutions available for automation and data recording from ATEX systems, please contact us to learn more about how Scalesmart can integrate ATEX weighing into production systems and PLCs to create the perfect solution.

ATEX Weighing Automation