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ATEX Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet truck scales for use in ATEX zoned areas, we have a wide selection from basic models for Zone 2 to high end pallet truck scales for Zone 1 areas.

We only supply high quality models from Dini Argeo. Dini Argeo is based in the EU and builds trucks to a high standard of finish and quality, all scales are supplied with accreditation and certification for use in ATEX areas.

Trucks are rated to Ex II 2GD IIB T4 T197°C X.

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Key Considerations

As a supplier of ATEX scales we are technically competent to specify and maintain these types of trucks, it is a very important factor when choosing your supplier. We carry spare parts and all of our service engineers have experience to work on or off site in hazardous environments.

There are some key areas that you need to consider before purchasing an ATEX Pallet Truck Scale. In this short guide we will cover these items and help you towards your purchase of a ATEX scale.

Which ATEX Zone?

The number one priority when choosing an ATEX Pallet Scale is what zone that the unit is going to be used in, you may already know exactly which rating your area has. The onus on specifying what an area falls under is the end users responsibility, there are independent companies that can carry out ATEX zoning, on some occasions a relevant health and safety representative may know what you area is rated to. Our scales can be used in ATEX Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22, documentation and certification outlining their approvals is available upon request.

Stainless of Mild Steel Construction?

We offer two versions of each truck, a fully stainless steel unit manufactured from 304 stainless, this is ideal for areas where there are potential for spillages of corrosive liquids. A lower cost model manufactured from mild steel and finished with epoxy paint is suitable for solvents and dusty environments. 

Stainless Steel Forks?

A costly component is the optional stainless steel forks on mild steel models. Whilst we always recommend this option there are some industries or applications where they are not required. For customers who will be moving all types of pallets, IBCs and crates it is highly recommended that you choose this option, the risk of screws or nails that could potentially create a spark hazard if they became in contact with the chassis of the truck. For customers that will only be moving containers or pallets constructed of plastic, or non-sparking metals such as stainless or aluminium then it is not so critical to select the stainless fork option.

What Optional Spares?

For companies that operate 24 hours then we highly recommend a second battery pack, this will give you continual operation, while battery is in use the other can be charging in the safe area.

The parking brake option is good for customers who wish to stop the truck on slight inclines for filling operations and then moving between vessels, it is a good safety extra that will stop the truck from moving during any fill operations.