BCSD Counting Scale

Counting scale, connect to one of our platforms for counting larger parts on a bulk platform scale, particularly suitable for taking inventories and for counting small parts. Weight or piece quantity check, weight and pieces' totalisation function, 100 PLU memory.Connect to one of our platforms below to enable the dual platform function, allowing you to sample on the BCSD and bulk weigh pallets and stillages on the larger platform.

Starting at £265.00 £318.00

Grouped product items
ModelCapacityDivisionAPWSample SizeRRPPriceQty
BCSD6 6kg 0.1g 0.1g 5g £305.00
Our Price £265.00 £318.00 List Price £366.00
BCSD15 15kg 0.2g 0.2g 10g £305.00
Our Price £265.00 £318.00 List Price £366.00
BCSD30 30kg 0.5g 0.2g 10g £305.00
Our Price £265.00 £318.00 List Price £366.00
Technical Features: • 3 backlit LCD displays with 6 digits 20mm high for simultaneously viewing weight, average piece weight, and number of pieces. • Membrane waterproof, alphanumeric and functional keypad with 20 keys and acoustic feedback. • Level and adjustable feet. • Built-in rechargeable battery (about 70h battery life) and 230Vac power adapter. • RS232/C port for connection to PC or printer. • Configurable input for connection to second counting platform, with completely programmable capacity and division. • Packaging: 440 x 370 x 220mm size - approximate weight of 5.5kg.
More Information
Power RequirementsRechargeable Battery
Battery LifeApprox 70 hours
Display3 backlit LCD displays with 6 digits 20mm high
IP RatingNo Rating
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