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Parts Counting Scales

Why count parts by hand? It is boring, time consuming and prone to human error. Counting scales are the answer. They offer efficiency and elimination of high labour cost. The counting scale will pay for itself in no time. Before choosing a parts counting scale suitable for your operation, it is necessary to do a bit of homework. This is because in order to offer the best solution, we need to know the spread of weights which you need to count; sometimes it will be necessary to have more than one scale to get the best accuracy.

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This will depend to some extent on the value of the parts being counted; the more expensive they are, the more accurate you need to be. Scalesmart can help you here by offering to work this out for you. We offer a service whereby you can send in a representative sample of your parts, and we will accurately obtain the "average piece weight". We use the figures obtained to decide which is the best range of scales to offer.

It is most important to get this figure right, as it is used in the division process to display the count; quite simply, the number of pieces you have on the scale is worked out by dividing the net weight on the scale (after taking into account the container, which if used, is "tared off") by their average piece weight calculated by the scale. This calculation is obtained by placing a known number (say 10) on the scale, telling the scale there are 10 parts on it, and pressing the sample key; the calculation is then performed automatically and stored in memory From then on, the scale will show the number of pieces using the figures it has worked out. to weigh/count another part, you repeat the sampling process. The sample size required is determined either by calculation or by trial and error; it depends on the variation in average piece weight.

This need not be a daunting task however, as some of the parts counting scales have what is called "average piece weight enhancement". This is done by sampling the first 10, counting out 10 more using the scale to do this, and pressing the sample key again, whereby it will re-calculate using 20 parts; this will "enhance" the original figure (the more parts the better being the moral here) Scalesmart offer Kern & Sohn, Dini Argeo and Radwag counting scales specifically for counting parts.