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Waterproof Scales

The IP rating is an important factor to consider as it protects the scale from foreign bodies entering the scale, this can include food debris and water. Any type of ingress can create a hygiene hazard and damage to the scale.

Important factors to consider:
• Material the unit is manufactured from / Hygienic design
• IP rating of scale
• Manufacturer (is it a well known brand with readily available spare parts)
• Warranty period

Waterproof scales available from Scalesmart have all been vetted and pass our requirements and sthe tough tandards we set for supplying to our clients.

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Wall-E Stainless Steel Bench Scale
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CW Carcass Weighing Scales

CW Carcass Weighing Scale
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If what you are looking for is durable weighing equipment, then waterproof scales should be one of your considerations.  This type of weighing scale is designed to withstand the elements especially water.  Waterproof scales are also sometimes referred to as wash-down scales primarily because of the functionality of being able to clean it by directly washing it done with water. 

Waterproof scales are widely used in a variety of food related services and are characterized as compact and industrial strength water-resistant weighing scale.  Many types of waterproof weighing scales are equipped with LCD display screens for easy readability of the measurements.  The body is made from stainless steel material as well as the weighing pan which allows for a full wash-down cleaning process without worrying about damaging the weighing mechanism.

Considering the rugged design coupled with its functionality, the waterproof scale is truly a breakthrough design which capitalizes on the advances of technology.  The use of modern technology also provides for a dependable and accurate measuring mechanism for the waterproof scales in almost any type of environment.  Normally, weighing scales are damaged by over tension and compression, the inclusion of overload stops on the four corners of the waterproof scale helps to prevent damage from these common problems.  It must be remembered though that only the weighing scale is waterproof and not the power adapter so be careful not to plug it in moist places. 

As part of the commitment to accuracy, the waterproof scales make use of stability indicators to ensure that the reading is accurate and true based on a factory calibration setting.  The inclusion of separate buttons for the re-zero and power makes it easy to operate waterproof scales based on the certification of the National Sanitary Foundation.  Here are some of the more popular types of waterproof scales in the market.

The ATMI wash-down scale is one type of waterproof scale which has a maximum capacity of 15 kilograms using a 0.002 kilogram resolution.  This particular weighing mechanism provides you with the flexibility of selecting a stainless steel platform or a waterproof housing among others.  It also provides three other weight units allowing you to use it in other countries that do not rely on the kilogram system of weight.

When it comes to waterproof scales the Radwag WPT series of wash-down scales is one of the more popular in the consumer market primarily because of its IP 68 waterproof housing which complements the rugged stainless steel platform allowing you to make complete use of it either for wet or dry measurements.  This type of waterproof scale is commonly found in the food and processing industry because it provides accurate measurements while allowing you to completely clean it with water without damaging the equipment.

Another set of waterproof scales is the PakChk legal for trade wash-down scale which comes in six different models variant, its small size makes it extremely portable.  Every model shares the common features of automatic shut off, standard stainless steel platform, stainless steel body, and leveling system among others.  The PakChk is designed and manufactured in the UK by our parent company.

The Wall-E wash-down bench scale is a type of weighing mechanism that has a maximum capacity of 300kg. It is designed to provide nine alternative measuring modes which can be selected from the backlit display panel built into the stainless steel platform and water resistant housing. Utilising the DFWLI terminal the Wall-E is ideal for people requiring a waterproof scale and on a budget.

Majority of waterproof scales make use of backup battery power in order to keep it operational despite the absence of AC power supply.  The use of waterproof scales is ideal for use in wet environments such as food manufacturing premises.  With these wide choices, you can select the best type of waterproof scales that fit your needs, alternatively please call us to discuss your requirements.