Bench Scales Buying Guide

Bench Scales Buying Guide

Why buy branded industrial scales?

When you're in the market for a new industrial scale, you probably already realised that there are a bewildering number of choices, so how do you go about choosing one.

As with most things, buying cheap is often be a false economy. Why?

Here are some clues.
• Cheap components and load cells
• Inferior build quality
• Lack of CE Marking (a requirement by law!!)
• Availability of spares and serviceability.

Who are we and why should you read more?

We've been in the weighing trade long enough to know what makes a good scale. The influx of low cost scales from the far east has impacted heavily on prices especially on line.

Scalesmart have been selling industrial scales on line for 18 years, and we ensure that we do not jeopardise our reputation by selling cheap products that don't last. Buying an industrial scale that last a long time in areas where the operators may have a rugged approach needs to be researched carefully.

Cheap Components and Load Cells

Load cells are made up of machined metals, such as stainless steel or aluminium, within the assembly of the load cell a small strain gauge is placed. The strain gauge is used to measure minute voltage changes, this is basically how a scale works. Cheap strain gauges do not measure as well and thus the weighing performance is impaired.

Build quality

Looking at images on the web of scales doesn't really give you a true reflection of an industrial scales build quality. You're pretty much taking a chance on any scale you buy. So what can you do to minimise the chance of buying a dud? One good way is to pick from a range of well known brand names which are respected within the weighing trade. Three of the most well known are Radwag, Dini Argeo and MWS, who manufacture some of the best industrial scales on the market.

CE Marking

Whilst CE marking is required by law, sadly there are some scales on the market that lack the CE mark. The need for this mark is important as it qualifies the item as passing electrical safety tests set by the EU. Using a non CE marked scale may invalidate any employee liability insurance. Before purchasing an industrial scale always research the model you are interested in, ask to see Certificates of Conformity, they're important. Suffice to say Scalesmart only sell CE marked scales.

Availability of Spares

Sticking with brand name weighing scales ensures that you will always be able to repair, calibrate and protect your investment. Buying a model that has no pedigree could end up costing you in the long run when you can't find a scale repair company to support the product you have purchased.

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