Dini Argeo

BLTH - Bluetooth Module

Thanks to the BLTH interface, which may be built inside the weight indicator, the exchange of data between the portable PC or the PDA and the weight indicator will be simpler and quicker: one just needs to be at a few meters from the weight indicator in order to update the databases, read the memory, transmit commands, receive data, check the configuration, etc. The BLTH interface is essential in the industrial applications in which the indicator is housed in panel boards that are difficult to reach by the operator or in applications in which the communication can only be made wirelessly without permanent connections.

Note for axle weighing systems one module is required per weigh pads.

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Technical Features
Standard: Bluetooth "version 2.0 +EDR"
Class: 2
Maximum working distance: 2m
Transmission speed: 300kbps
Supported Bluetooth profiles: Serial Port Profile (SPP)
Antenna: integrated on the board
Installation: integrated inside the weight indicator

NOTE: BLTH is an option to be specified when ordering the indicator or the scale.

The Dini Argeo weight indicators are fitted with a communication protocol for the data exchange, which allows the weight reading, the execution of the main scale functions and the programming of the databases (depending on the indicator model).


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