Dini Argeo

BPX600 - 600kg x 100g

Pair of sturdy and versatile modular weighing bars, easy to fit under any type of weighing structure. These are suitable for weighing rigid structures (hoppers, conveyor belts, roller units, tanks, crates, etc.). Standard version is with approved load cell.

Size (l x w x h): 800 x 135 x 130mm
Capacity: 600kg x 100g


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Functions with 4 IP68 STAINLESS steel shear-beam approved load cells (BPL) and with 2 aluminium off-center approved load cells (BPS-BPM-BPX), made according to OIML R60 standards with protection against dust and water splashes according to IP65 standards (350 Ohm input resistance).

The structure is made in section and sheet oven-fire painted carbon steel, fitted with articulated joints for compensating the bending and/or expansion of the structure to be weighed, and with stops for protection from accidental bumps.

Shielded 3m long 4-pin cable for connecting each bar with the fitted junction box.

Up to 15 Vdc power supply.

IP67 hermetic equalised junction box with shielded 5m long 6-pin cable with connectors for connection to the indicator.

More Information
Division / Increment 0.1kg
Weighing Area Size 800 x 135 x 130mm
Maximum Capacity 600kg
Platform Height 130mm
IP Rating IP67
Cable Length 3 Metres
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