Micro Weighing Solutions

Checkweighing Program

The software provides a graphical display of live weight against target together with product details which are looked up from an internal database.

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Product Selection:
• Products and associated recipes are stored in memory.
• Operators can select products by ID number or by picking from a list on screen.
• Product targets are then recalled and used for check weighing. Positive / Negative Check Weighing
• The system will automatically checkweigh both positive and negative loads.
• Auto taring can be selected and filtering configured to provide optimum performance.
• Automatic adjustment of operator targets over a production batch.

Graphical Display:
• The graphical bar on screen gives excellent visual feedback of the weight vs. target.

Data Interfaces:
• A tally roll printer, label printer and / or a host PC can be connected to print for individual items and / or batch summary information.
• The list of products in the memory can be edited either through the scale or on a host PC and downloaded.

• As the GSE 60 series is a totally programmable terminal the standard system can be customised to suit the actual production operation and any additional requirements.
• Digital I/O for control of external devices.
• Suitable for linking to a supervisory host computer system for remote monitoring and setting of products / targets.

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