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Automatic Check Weighers

Choosing a Checkweigher?

Our technical team are here to help you choose the right checkweigher for your application, this short guide will give you some ideas about the sort of automatic checkweigehrs that exist on the market and which one may be right for your application.

Typically checkweighers range from £8,000 for a box weigher through to £30,000 for a high speed IP rated checkweigher with built in Metal Detectors.

Providing consistent quality of your product is paramount to protect your bottom line and brand reputation.

Radwag HPX Checkweigher

5 Reasons to Buy a Checkweigher

- Meet specifications
- Stop missing product from packs
- Reduce giveaway and improve bottom line
- Control equipment - fill heads & dosing machines
- Meet the three packer rules legislation

Establish the type of checkweigher

You’ve probably decided that you need a checkweigher so have started searching the internet for a solution that could work for you. Maybe you’re worried about giving too much product away which hits your bottom line, or product recalls due to pack weights not meeting the declared weight violating the legislation and upsetting the supermarkets. You’ve probably found our website through google or some other search engine, to make things simple you can probably stop searching and give us a call. We have checkweighers for weighing pallets, boxes, blister packs, aerosol cans an even letters.

High Speed

We have checkweighers that can reach up to 600 packs per minute, there are several caveats around reaching these sorts of speeds, its important to discuss you rneeds with us so we can advise on the correct model for your application

Box / Carton Checkweighers

We have a number of box check weighers than can also communicate with labelling systems, our automatic OCM box labelling system can weigh and label up to 15 boxes per minute. This eliminates labour costs and improves your processes to cope with the demands of regular product requirements.

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To all of you, from all of us at Scalesmart & MWS Ltd

Andrew Clarke
Managing Director