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Crane Scales Buying Guide


Crane Scales

Choosing a Crane Scale?

Crane scales are some of the strongest weighing instruments available and they are always a scale which is relied upon to perform safely.
Given the difficult and vital functions they have to perform, the durability, reliability and quality must never be neglected while choosing a crane scale.

Crane Scale Functions

A crane scale is often required to lift very heavy loads, which is why safety is one of the foremost concerns while considering choosing the most appropriate model. These scales are often high up in the air, and may be carrying dangerous materials, such as molten metal. Even if the load is “safe”, the very fact that it is up in the air, makes it potentially dangerous.

Crane Scale Manufacturers

There are a large number of heavy duty crane scales available currently. These include models from Kern and EHP from Germany and Dini Argeo, from Italy.

In order to maximize the benefits from your crane scale, including in service and after sales, it could be argued that buying from a European manufacturer is a wise option. These manufacturers are known for producing scales to high degree of quality, durability and strength.

Crane Scale Choices

It is of the utmost importance, when choosing the right crane scale, to choose from a manufacturer who is known to produce very high quality crane scales to a recognised standard. Selecting a crane scales from recognised and reliable brands, especially those which specialise in these types of scales, will undoubtedly offer you the maximum benefit from your investment.

Hand in hand with Quality, safety follows. It is absolutely essential to make the right choice here, as it has been known for crane scales from certain regions of the world to collapse in use, and this is definitely not something that you want to happen with your purchase.

Specialist Crane Scales

Crane scales are available for use in hazardous areas (ATEX Certified) and for use in foundries. From the European manufacturers, these are specially made for the job. The Foundry Crane Scale has to be especially durable, using special shields to protect the electronics.

There are models which claim to be for foundry use, but a quick look at the spec, and the type of shielding used, clearly identifies them as not suitable for this arduous task; a simple rule is, if its looks right, it usually is right, but read all the available documentation before making a decision.
The same applies to scales rated for use in ATEX zoned areas.

Buy From the Right Supplier

One of the best ways to find the right heavy duty crane scales is to search for them with a quality supplier. A quality supplier will offer you right scale for the job, and not necessarily the cheapest. These factors, combined by the availability of warranty coverage and a support center, delivers the best value, the best ownership experience as well as guaranteeing the safety of your employees.

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