Dini Argeo


Weight transmitter on DIN rail, with 2 IN, 4 OUT and PROFINET port. Fitted with 5-key keypad and LED display. Multifunction weighing program.

High-performance multifunctional weight transmitter, the fastest of the Dini Argeo range.
It can manage up to 4800 readings per second, for weighing with precision in milliseconds.

For DIN rail mounting, it allows direct reading and diagnostics of the connected weighing system. The wide range of available interfaces makes the integration of weighing into any automation system easier and safer.

£600.00 £720.00
  • New cutting-edge processor, able to process up to 4800 weight readings per second. The high speed allows an extremely accurate weight filtering even with weighing being perfomed in milliseconds.
  • Integrated Fieldbus.
  • New power supply circuit of the load cells (up to 16) for a better weighing stability.
  • Power supply circuit with protections against overloads, polarity reversal and short circuits, specific for industrial environments.
  • Micro-USB communication port for configuration, diagnostics and data backup available on all versions.
  • It can be used in conjunction with Xspeed tool, the PC program designed to configure the most suitable filtering for your system.
  • Up to 120 updates per second on Fieldbus.
  • Modbus RTU protocol integrated on all versions, up to 110 updates per second.
  • Analog output available on Fieldbus versions (upon request), to modernize existing plants without modifying their main functioning.
  • 2 more outputs, for a total of 4 digital outputs.
  • Real time warning of any faults or disconnections of the load cell.
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Display8mm LED
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