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Scalesmart - Industrial weighing Scales

Gas Lift Assisted

Gas lift platforms are fitted with two or four high pressure gas struts that make lifting the platform plate an easy one person job. Each scale has been designed to provide optimum protection for the electronics against high pressure washers that are used to clean the scale.

The hygienic design is finished with bead blast to seal the stainless steel. The platforms are also fitted with high quality stainless steel IP68 load cells manufactured by Flintec.  

GL Series:
The GL range of scales features a gas lift top plate, ideal for areas which are subject to hygiene requirements. The plate is lifted via two stainless steel gas struts, similar to the ones found on car boots. The plate is sprung loaded to allow operators to easily lift the plate. The whole operation can be undertook by one person with ease.

The electronics of the scale are well protected from the direct threat of water jets. The whole operation of lifting the plate, hosing down and folding back the plate can be undertaken in less than two minutes.

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