Micro Weighing Solutions

Counting Program

Using the capabilities of the programmable bench scales to the full, the counting applications provide bar code scanning, label printing, inventory control and interfacing to host computers.
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• High resolution counting scales for accurate parts counting.
• Second scale input for high capacity bulk weighing / counting or fine resolution sampling.

• Large LCD display for user-friendly operation via soft-keys.
• Simple sample routine and recording of data for updating stock levels.

Electronic Data Interface
• Existing parts lists can be downloaded to the scale in advance for recall by the operator.
• When stock-taking is complete, all inventory data can be uploaded back to the host PC.
• Simple data format with minimum modification required.
• Compatible with simple text files or spreadsheet applications

Bar Coding:
• Bar code printer for individual item label printing or complete inventory labelling.
• Bar code scanning for quick and easy identification of parts.

• Powered by internal rechargeable batteries to enable whole system to be mobile.
• Optional radio modem for wireless serial communications.

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