Dini Argeo

JB1I - Cable Extender

Stainless steel junction box with IP68 protection from water and dust, equipped with electronic board to join 2 load cell cable sections. The 8 screw terminal boards facilitate the cable connection. The stainless steel body ensures solidity and durability.
£32.00 £38.40
  • Stainless steel case.
  • Protection degree: IP68.
  • Maximum input voltage: 24Vdc.
  • Maximum input current: 700mA.
  • 1 input and 1 outlet of 4-wire load cell on screw connectors
  • Length: 85.0mm
  • Internal diameter: 13.9mm
  • External diameter: 18mm
  • The cable gland tightens 4 to 8mm of cabl
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