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KCPN10A - Load Cell Mount or CPX/CPA load cells

Mounting kit for compression load cells series CPX up to 12.500kg and CPA up to 10.000kg, suitable for silos, tanks and hoppers weighing


  • Self-centering connection segment between lower and upper plates
  • Protection against electrostatic charges
  • Anti-overturn system.
  • Blocking system for an easy maintenant and a safe shipment

Main Features:

  • Nickel-plated steel body.
  • Great resistance to lateral forces.
  • Nuts for maintaining the raised position, for easy installation and/or substitution of the load cell.
  • Limit-switch nuts for protection of the load cells in case of overload.
  • Self-centering connection segment between lower and upper plates.
  • Dummy load cells functioning for the weighing of liquids.
£140.00 £168.00
The KCPNA kit is designed to allow the correct functioning of the cells and the requested weighing accuracy, within the limits described into the technical manual.
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