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KSBC Nickel-plated kit for SBT/SBK/SBX load cells

Mounting kit for shear beam load cells SBT/SBK/SBX series, up to 2.500kg. Suitable for weighing of hoppers, tanks, platforms, etc.


  • Nickel-plated construction
  • Higher plate with spherical joint, for optimal weighing precision
  • Anti-overturn
  • Locking/bypass system for facilitated transport and maintenance
  • Quick installation/removal of the load cell (even if full- loaded)


  • For shear-beam load cells, SBT/SBK/SBX series, from 300 to 2500 kg
  • Nickel-plated manufacturing
  • Self-centering spherical joint, for precise weighing
  • Locking system for cell protection during transport or maintenance of the structure
  • Limit nuts and screws, adjustable
  • Anti-overturn (within the limits declared)

Prices are per mount. Load cell not included

£115.00 £138.00
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