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KSBX Load Cell Mount

Assembly kit for SBX/SBK shear beam load cell up to 2,500kg. Suitable for weighing of hoppers, tanks, platforms etc.Advantages: • AISI 304 STAINLESS steel construction • Higher plate with configurable system "lock, "side" or "free". • Mechanical joint for optimal weighing precision • Height regulation for a correct levelling of the structure • Anti-Lift • Locking/bypass system for facilitated transport and maintenance • ATEX version available, for zones 1&21, 2&22.
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Main Function:
• Rapid installation / removal of the cell, even with full-loaded structure.
• Higher plate with system of expansion compensation, having three specific functions (lock, side and free).
• Bypass function for transport/moving of the structure and maintenance.
• Anti-overturn (within the limits indicated in the product manual).
• Limit function against accidental overload (within the limits indicated in the product manual).
• Fake cell function for weighing of liquid materials.

Main Features:
• Manufactured with technologies studied and designed by Dini Argeo.
• Suitable for SBX/SBK load cells, up to 2500kg (not included in the kit).
• Fully in STAINLESS steel AISI 304, with electropolished finishing, for better resistance to external agents.
• Oscillating joint, for optimal weighing precision.
• Simplified base fixing with 3 holes, or complete with 4 holes.
• The kit is designed to allow the correct functioning of the cells and obtain optimal weighing precision. However, it does not have protection function for the cell, neither for the structure. Consult the manual for more technical details.

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