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LTW Touchscreen Forklift Truck Scale System

LTS Weighing System

Double plate weighing system for forklifts with DIN15173 - FEM class III standard fixing. The whole is made of two weighing plates and a junction box. Sturdy, handy and simple to install, this system allows to weigh during load and unload operations, while using the forklift.For internal use.
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• Weighing plates with extra thick painted steel bearing structure.
• Load cells protection against accidental strikes.
• Extremely compact system, in order not to reduce the operator's visibility.
• S type load cells: sensitivity 2 mV/V, maximum power supply 15Vdc.
• Single plate dimensions: 585x265mm, only 152mm depth.
vTotal weight of the 2 plates: 100kg aproximately.
• Single plate packaging dimensions: 270x280x640mm.
• Single plate packaging weight: 10kg aproximately.
• Maximum forks lenght: 1,30m.
• Hermetic junction box.
• Standard cable fitted with connectors for rapid linkage.
• Maximum opening of the plates: 500mm aproximately.
• Precision: +/- 0.1% of the capacity.
• Maximum horizontal declivity (tilt): +/- 2° with the same precision features.
• Maximum overload allowed: 300%.
• Integrated protection system against overloads and accidental strikes.
• Wide range of connectable indicators and wireless solutions.

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Availability preorder
EC Approved No
Carriage (FEM) FEM3A
Fork Length N/A
Fork Width: N/A
Application Pallet Weighing, Counting, Warehouse
IP Rating No Rating
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