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Pallet Scales

Pallet Scales are a self explanatory style of weighing that enables operators to weigh pallets easily. The pallet weighing systems that are on offer have a variety of features that give customers various choices in how they want to weigh pallets. 

The most common way of weighing pallets is using a set of weigh beams, these portable scales are placed on the ground and loaded with a forklift truck or a pallet truck. The BWI rechargeable battery indicator offers full portability and a birght LED display for use in areas where there is low light. Another way of weighing pallets is using a specially designed pallet truck that has a weighing system built into it, there are many models to choose, from simple weighing procedures through to communication with printers and pc software.

The sales team are on hand to offer advice or discuss any options that may be of interest. As a manufacturer Scalesmart can offer pallet weighing solutions that are not off the shelf, integration into stock management and traceability systems are possible, please enquire using the freephone number 0800 915 4201

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ELWL - Electric Pallet Truck Scale
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Electric pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing, is easy to use, reliable, suitable for
harsh work conditions. It is indispensable when one needs to weigh accurately and save time.
Available also CE-M approved. Learn More
TPWLKW Pallet Truck Scale - 680mm Wide
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Pallet truck scale, with built-in electronic weighing, fitted with forks 680mm width, which making it ideal for the handling of pallets in the Food & Chemical Industry Sector. Fitted with rechargeable extractable battery. Available also with a built-in printer as well as CE-M DOUBLE RANGE approved. Learn More
LTS Weighing System
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Double plate weighing system for forklifts with DIN15173 - FEM class III standard fixing. The whole is made of two weighing plates and a junction box.

Sturdy, handy and simple to install, this system allows to weigh during load and unload operations, while using the forklift.For internal use. Learn More
Pallet Truck Scale WPN10
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Not to be confused with similar priced models featuring a single load cell, this unit weighs to 2000kg x 1kg with an accuracy of +/-1kg. Single load cell systems will weigh to 5kg intervals and an accuracy of  +/- 20kg

This is a full blown pallet truck scale made in Italy at an exceptional price.
Easy to use with fully integrated electronic weighing. It is fitted with 4 shear-beam load cells, that guarantee the maximum precision in the weighing applications, and a multifunctional weight indicator, with large backlit display that allows an optimal reading of the weight in any lighting condition. Learn More

LTF Active Fork Lift Truck Scale
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Pair of forks with an integrated weighing system, for lift trucks, easy to use, sturdy, and reliable. Simple and easy to install, these replace the original forks and allow a clear visualisation of the loaded weight. Compatible with any lift truck having a DIN 15173 - FEM fork holder plate, of the IIA or IIIA class (IIB optional). Available in CE-M approved version. Learn More
TPWLK - Pallet Truck Scale
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Pallet truck scales, with built-in electronic weighing, which are reliable, easy to use, suitable for harsh work conditions.

These are essential for one who needs to weigh accurately but save time also. Optional rechargeable extractable battery for continuous use.

Available also with a built-in printer as well as CE-M DOUBLE RANGE approved.

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TPWLKI Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale
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Stainless steel pallet truck scales with built-in multirange electronic weighing, easy to use. Weight detection with four IP68 stainless steel load cells.
Sturdy structure suitable for harsh work conditions. 

Stainless steel AISI 316 pallet truck scale
Stainless steel AISI 304 indicator
Stainless steel AISI 660 load cells

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TPWI - Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale
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High performance stainless steel pallet truck scales with built-in multirange electronic weighing. The four IP68 stainless steel load cell weight detection guarantees the best accuracy in all work conditions.

Reliable and suitable for one who needs to weigh accurately any type of product on a pallet.

Available also CE-M APPROVED
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LTW Forklift Truck Scale System
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Weighing module for forklift trucks with fixing to to FEM2 carriage standards, ideal for transforming a standard fork lift truck into a mobile weighing system. The LTW is also available with CE-M Approved, making the system legal for trade.

Optional Memory Card available for storing weighing data on the move. Learn More
TPW20ET Enterprise
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Pallet truck fitted with digital weight indicator and advanced data management. Suitable for applications such as formulation, piece counting, totalisation, memorization of stock movements, bar code reading, printouts, etc. The wide range of available interfaces and software applications make this instrument truly be a mobile weighing station integrated to a company's computer system. Available also CE-M APPROVED.

Standard version with "AF01" software for advanced totalisation, in loading/unloading, formulation; functioning as PC terminal (data entry protocol communication); database of 1000 articles; 200 customers/suppliers, 300 tares, 4 independent viewable and printable total levels, bar code reading with article activation; 15 configurable and printable text IDs (i.e.: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.), A.C.W. (Automatic Calibration Warning): automatically advises to check the configurable calibration. Customisable printouts. Learn More
WB Pallet Weigh Beams
Starting at: Exc. VAT: £300.00 Inc. VAT: £360.00
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Low cost heavy duty weigh beams for all aspects of pallet weighing.

Supplied with a battery operated digital weighing indicator with bright LCD Display
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FPW Pallet Scale

Regular Price: £459.00

Special Price: Exc. VAT: £362.00 Inc. VAT: £434.40

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Low profile, easy to move, pallet-weighing scale. Suitable for industrial and commercial applications, in which it’s necessary to quickly weigh goods on a pallet. The standard version is provided with approved load cells. Learn More
MPU1210 Pallet Scale
Starting at: Exc. VAT: £695.00 Inc. VAT: £834.00
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Size : 1250 x 1000 x 75mm high
Middle Width : 760mm

Industries :
• Warehousing
• Freight
• Goods In / Out
• Manufacturing

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SPB Stainless Steel Weigh Beams
Exc. VAT: £795.00 Inc. VAT: £954.00
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SPB Pallet Weigh Beams
Price shown excludes indicator - see list

Beam Size - 1250mm x 120mm x 75mm high (each)
Width between beams -Variable - Max 2000mm

For Use In:
Food Processing, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Learn More
MPB Pallet Weigh Beams
Starting at: Exc. VAT: £895.00 Inc. VAT: £1,074.00
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Our MPB range is designed and manufactured in Leicester by our parent company MWS. Assembled using quality components including Flintec Load Cells and military spec cables, which are often a weak point of Beam Scales. The MPB range is finished in a durable epoxy powder coat, coloured yellow for high visibility ensuring people can clearly see them. The price shown excludes a digital indicator, please choose your terminal from the list of related products. Learn More
SPU1210 Pallet Scale
Starting at: Exc. VAT: £1,095.00 Inc. VAT: £1,314.00
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Platform Size : 1250 x 1000 x 75mm
Distance Between Forks :  760mm 

Material : 304 Stainless Steel
Load Cells : IP67 Flintec SLB 
Cable Length :  3 Mtrs 

Areas of Use: 
• Food Preparation 
• Pharmaceutical Areas 
• Chemical Production

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Pallet Beam Scales
These types of scales are designed to be portable and over a low cost entry into pallet weighing. There are several versions of pallet beams and U Frame type scales to choose from. Models such as the MPB Pallet Scale and MPU Pallet Scale are manufactured by Scalesmart in Leicester, UK. 

Pallet Truck Scales
A selection of Pallet Truck Scales, from simple low cost models such as the TPWN09 to the higher spec models with printers and wireless connections to computers and printers. Models also available as a Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Scale for use in Food and Chemical (non flammable chemicals) factories. These models are manufactured in Europe, please do not confuse them with inferior models from the Far-East commonly found on the internet.

ATEX Pallet Truck Scales
Scalesmart is the main approved distributor and agent for Dini Argeo in the UK, the prices for an ATEX Pallet Truck Scale is the lowest you will find. Scalesmart will not be beaten on price for ATEX Pallet Scales.The TPWX3GD Pallet Truck offers a low cost entry point for an ATEX Zone 2/22 area. All ATEX Truck Scales are manufactured in Europe, this ensures that they meet the legislation required and to meet the rigorous demands of an ATEX area.

Fork Lift Truck Scales
Heavy duty forklift truck scales for attachment to any type of truck with a standard carriage assembly. Find discounted deals from Dini Argeo. Both models are manufactured in Europe ensuring high quality and serviceability.

Pallet Scales: Different Types and Uses

There are so many types of weighing machines and scales to choose from, and pallet scales are just one of the many kinds of weighing equipment available for personal and commercial use. However, pallet scales are designed for specific purposes, so companiesbusinesses and individuals who are looking to buy weighing machines can consider purchasing a pallet scale. A lot of companies and businesses require constant weighing and managing of their heavy products. Moving these heavy loads around has been made a lot easier by pallet jacks and pallet trucks. This is where one of the advantages of having pallet scales come in. There are still a lot of different types of pallet scales to choose from, so it is very important that those who are about to buy one of these should take some time reviewing and knowing their features first.

Difference of Pallet Scales from Industrial Floor Scales

One obvious difference of pallet scales from platform weighing machines and industrial floor scales is that they make use of pallets in order to weigh products and materials. This provides an added benefit to warehouse and factory owners since they can make do with what is already available. The most popular of all pallet weighing scales in the market is the pallet beam scalePallet beam scales make use of beams which can be easily adjusted to different distances to weigh a variety of items making it very convenient for a lot of workers who need to weigh items that have irregular shapes and sizes.

Types of Pallet Scales

The pallet scales are not only used to measure the weight of objects and items, but they are also used to hold the pallet loads. Generally, these measuring tools are designed to weigh heavy loadstransportation items and cargo items. These pieces of equipment are meant to be used in industries that deal with heavy and large scale products such as the manufacturing industryPallet weighing machines play a very important role in the business of manufacturing and transportation since these are used to accurately and preciselymeasure their different products. There are many different kinds of pallet scales that are currently being sold in the market, but there are only four that are commonly being used.

Pallet Beam Scales

Pallet beam scales are the most common of all pallet weighing machines being used in many industries. These weighing machines are made of two sturdy and strong beams that are spaced within a certain distance from each other. These beams are adjustable through the use of a lever and make the weighing of irregularly shaped items easier. It works by displaying the accurate weight of an object that is placed down on the beam. If you are looking for sturdy and durable pallet beam scales, it is recommended that you check for the top rated brands and model to get the most out of your money.

Pit Mounted Pallet Weighing Scale

The pit mounted weighing machine is another type of pallet scale that is installed over the ground with a pit. The object or item to be weighed is inserted into the hole. These pit mounted pallet weighing scales are perfect for smaller warehouses and factories since they only take a minimal amount of floor space. These weighing equipment are usually installed and stored in factory or warehouse basements to limit the amount of workspace usage.

Portable Pallet Jack Scale

Another commonly used pallet weighing scale is the portable pallet jack scale. These are handy and useful since they are portable and can be transferred from one place to another. These measuring devices also provide accurate and precise results. These machines can be easily connected to computersprinters or other electronic gadgets for the weight readingto be printed out in a matter of a few seconds. These are mostly used in large industrial companies since they have the ability to weigh tons and tons of loads in a given time.

Surface Mounted Floor Scale

Pallet scales can also come in the surface mounted floor scales types. This pallet weighing machine is designed to be mounted against the floor. The object to be weighed is placed on top of pallet scale through the use of a truck. However, only a few companies and industries make use of this type of pallet scale since they can pose health risks for the people working around the equipment. Though this kind of weighing equipment comes with a cheap installationweight precision and accuracy are still low.

Factors that should be considered in Buying Pallet Scales

Before making a final decision to buy pallet scales, you should always take some time to review and compare the different types of pallet weighing machines first. It is also essential that you already know the different purposes that you will have for these weighing equipment to ensure that you get the best out of these tools and your money’s worth. Some factors that should be considered is how the items will be loaded on the scale, what are the items that will be loaded, and would you need to have a printed form of all the measurement datayou would get.

One thing that buyers of pallet scales should be looking for is the weight that these measuring tools can withstand and the strength as well as its durability. The pallets should be made from strong and sturdy materialsPallets manufactured from wood or iron are the most common since they only require low costs for maintenance.