MCWHU with optional ring and swivelling hook

MCWHU Hulk - 6T to 50T Crane Scale

PS 250.3Y

PS 250.3Y - 250g x 1mg

PS 200/2000.3Y - 200 / 2000g x 1 / 10mg

Max Capacity: 200/2000 g
Division / Increment: 1 / 10 mg
Repeatability: 1 / 10 mg
Linearity: 1 / 10 mg
Weighing Area Size: 128 x 128mm

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Precision balance PS.3Y series features a 5,7” TFT colourful touch screen display providing new approach to balance operation and presentation of measurement result. The balance enables highly developed customization of its settings through user profiles.

The .3Y series comprises automatic internal adjustment system using an internal mass standard. The level is monitored by a LevelSENSING system, a RADWAG patented solution including an electronic level. A new feature of the .3Y series is on-line monitoring of ambient conditions applying internal sensors or external ambient conditions module THB 2 series.

Precision balance PS.3Y series is available in two executions, allowing for measuring loads with different reading interval. A newly implemented differential weighing mode enables controlling mass of a tested load subjected to different processes over time.

Extended databases of the balance .3Y series allow for recording all carried out measurements, followed by printing or exporting the weighing data. Standard printouts or user defined and fully editable templates allow for creating documentation required by GLP/GMP practically in any organization. 
The .3Y series features an independent mass control mode organized in cooperation with an automatic feeder PA-02/H series. 

More Information
availability in stock
Maximum Capacity 200g, 2000g
Division / Increment 1mg, 0.01g
EC Approved Yes
Internal Calibration Yes
Application Parts Counting / Dosing / Animal Weighing / Density Determination / Checkweighing / Statistics
Repeatibility 1 / 10 mg
Linearity 1 / 10 mg
Weighing Area Size 128 x 128 mm
Manufacturer Radwag
Display 5.7'' Touch Screen
Power Requirements 12 - 16 V DC / 2,1 A
Brand Radwag
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