AS 220.R1

AS 220.R1 - 220g x 0.1mg

AS 220.R2

AS 220.R2 220g x 0.1mg (d=1mg) Approved

AS.R Analytical Balance

The AS.R series represents a new standard level for analytical balances. They feature a new, readable LCD display which allows a clearer presentation of the weighing result. Besides, the display has a new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.

Additionally, the new R series balances by means of pictograms signal the activated working mode, connection with the Internet, the battery charge level, balance service functions. Also a number of displayed measuring units has been increased.

The C1 and C2 versions of the Radwag Analytical Range were discontinued in early 2014, these models are no longer available and have been replaced by the more advanced R1 and R2 models.

Grouped product items
Model Capacity Division Size Int. Cal. RRP Price Qty
AS110.R1 110g 0.1mg ø 85 mm No £630.00
Special Price £535.50 £642.60 Regular Price £756.00
AS160.R1 160g 0.1mg ø 85 mm No £640.00
Special Price £544.00 £652.80 Regular Price £768.00
AS220.R1 220g 0.1mg ø 85 mm No £650.00
Special Price £552.50 £663.00 Regular Price £780.00
AS220.R2 220g 0.1mg ø 85 mm Yes £700.00
Special Price £595.00 £714.00 Regular Price £840.00
AS310.R2 310g 0.1mg ø 85 mm Yes £930.00
Special Price £790.50 £948.60 Regular Price £1,116.00
AS60/220.R2 60g / 220g 0.01mg / 0.1mg ø 85 mm Yes £1,400.00
Special Price £1,190.00 £1,428.00 Regular Price £1,680.00
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Auto-Cal System

Auto-Cal system is a tool for control and correction, which allows accurate weighing regardless of changes in temperature, the position of the balance or changing environmental conditions. This allows the R-series balances to offer accuracy in all conditions.


The monolithic system ensures even greater accuracy and repeatability of weighing due to consolidation of elements of the balance structure. Using such technology results in higher quality balances.

Operating temperature range

A wide operating temperature range does not require continuous monitor and control of room temperature, which affects the accuracy of the balance.

Resistance to ambient conditions

Increased resistance to fluctuating ambient conditions such as breezes and changes in humidity provides more accurate measurements.

Easy exchange of data

Exchange of data within the system takes place bidirectionally with the use of fast USB connection. New balances enable importing and exporting of databases to external Pendrives.

Fast access to information

Direct access to functions and databases is possible through the quick access buttons on the display.
Database - direct access to database
Function - direct access to basic functions
F1 do F4 - programmable function buttons and menu navigation

Communication interface

The exchange of database information between the devices has become even easier thanks to two USB ports (type A and B) and Wi-Fi technology.

Information system

The new R-series balances feature information system, based on five types of databases, users with sufficient access rights to use the database of multiple products.

The weighments collected in the weighing database can be further analysed:

  • users (up to 10 users),
  • products (up to 1000 products),
  • weighments (up to 1000 weightments),
  • tares (up to 10 tares),
  • ALIBI memory (up to 100 000 measurements)

Large easy to read LCD

New LCD display with enlarged characters allows for a clearer display of measurement results.

Multilanguage menu

The new R-series balances allow for the implementation of any language based on the Latin alphabet.

Pictograms and units

The application of pictograms increases the clarity of the display and facilitates more intuitive navigation through the balance settings. The new R-series balances use pictograms for displaying working mode, connection with the PC, battery level, as well as weighing and service functions.

Additional information line

New information line allows for additional messages and information, for instance: product name or tare value.


Access to the security sensitive data is only possible when logged-in. The access level is set up from the administrator level.

ALIBI memory

ALIBI memory is non-deletable storage, protecting weighing data . It has the capacity of up to 100 000 weighing records. This ensures both security and flexibility of storing data over longer periods of time.

Archiving and data exchange

In order to save the data, the reports from the processes and partial measurements can be transferred to external devices via USB interface. Additionally, it offers more control over working process, as well as restoring the data and coping settings between balances.

Configurable printouts

In the new R-series balances the weighment reports are divided into 3 configurable sections, each of which can be fully customised content-wise.


The new R-series balances work with the printers that support PCL protocol. The printers are connected with the balances via USB port.

Cooperation with PW-WIN / RADKEY

The new R-series balances allow for printouts to be sent directly to PW-WIN and RADKEY software, which facilitates their further analysis. The measurement transfer can be carried out by using Wi-Fi and USB interface depending on the needs.

More Information
Division / Increment 0.01mg, 0.1mg
EC Approved No
Repeatibility 1 mg
Linearity ± 0.2 mg
Weighing Area Size ø 85 mm
Manufacturer Radwag
Display Back-Lit LCD
Power Requirements Mains Adapter (Included)
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