MA 50/1.X2

MA 50/1.X2 - 50g x 0.1mg

MA 110.X2

MA 110.X2 - 110g x 1mg

MA 50.X2 - 50g x 1mg

Capacity : 50g 
Division : 1mg
Moisture Reading : 0.001 % 
Model : MA 50.X2
Temperature : 160°C

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MA X2 moisture analyzers are hi-tech measuring instruments intended for quick determination of relative moisture content, dry mass content and other parameters in samples of different substances. MA X2 series features user-friendly colour touchscreen. Free configuration of the control panel can be done by means of hotkeys, customizable information fields and programmable labels. Drying process can be carried out for any temperature and – thanks to databases – particular drying process may be set for a specific product.


Information system of X2 series moisture analyzers is based on 6 databases, allowing many operators to operate product database comprising many samples. Collected measurements may be subjected to subsequent analysis.

Collected data is registered in 6 databases:

  • Users (up to 100 users)
  • Products (up to 5000 products)
  • Customers (up to 100 customers)
  • Packagings (up to 100 packagings)
  • Drying programs (up to 200 drying programs)
  • Drying process reports (up to 5000 reports)
USB interface ensures quick transfer and copying of any results of your work (measurements, reports, databases) to a computer or other moisture analyzer. Remote access to the moisture analyzer allows for online data management. Cooperation with E2R allows for external data management which in turn increases the efficiency and results to the maximum.

Highlights of moisture analyzer MA X2 series:
  • 5” capacitive touchscreen
  • Modern interface
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation
  • Programmable display
  • Drying profiles (standard, mild, step, quick)
  • Auto switch-off options (automatic, time defined, manual)
  • GLP/GMP printouts-reports
  • Repeatable and customized applications
  • Work optimization due to the use of halogen lamps
MA X2 maximum capacity ranges from 50g/0.1mg to 210g/1mg. Moisture content is measured with the 0.01% accuracy (0.001 % for samples bigger than 1.5g). The maximum drying temperature is 160˚C (there is an optional  moisture analyzer with 250˚C of maximum temperature).

An additional element for moisture analyzers that improves their functionality is a water vapour permeability determination set used in tanning industry for determining hygienic properties of leather.
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availability in stock
Heat Source Infrared
Moisture Readability 0.001%
Temperature Range 50 - 160°C
Maximum Capacity 50g
Division / Increment 1mg
Repeatibility +/-0.05% (sample ~ 2g), +/-0.01% (sample ~ 10g)
Communication RS232, WiFi, Ethernet, USB
Application Moisture Analysis
Display 5" Touchscreen
Power Requirements 110 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz AC
Manufacturer Radwag
Brand Radwag
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