MYA 2.4Y

MYA 2.4Y - 2 g x 1 µg Micro Balance

MYA 5.4Y

MYA 5.4Y - 5 g x 1 µg Micro Balance

MYA 0.8/3.4Y - 0.8/3 g x 1/10 µg Micro Balance

Max Capacity : 0.8 / 3 g
Readability :
 1/10 µg
Tare range
-3 g
Repeatability :  1 µg
Linearity : 
±3 µg
Eccentric load deviation :
 3 µg
Sensitivity offset : 
Sensitivity temperature drift : 
Sensitivity stability : 
Minimum weight (USP) :
2 mg
Minimum weight (U=1%, k=2) :
0.2 mg 

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MYA 4Y series of micro balances is designed to meet the highest requirements for determination of mass. Measurement reliability and accuracy are maintained by system of automatic internal adjustment / calibration. Micro balances comprise two major components (an electronic module and a precise mechanical measuring system are enclosed separately). The design eliminates the influence of heat sourcing from instrument's electronics on its mechanical components and additionally protects it from shocks and vibrations caused by users operating the instrument. All the elements of a micro balance are made of glass and steel which eliminates the influence of electrostatics on weighing process.
More Information
Maximum Capacity 0.8g / 3g
Division / Increment 0.1µg, 1µg (0.001mg)
EC Approved Yes
availability in stock
Repeatibility 1 µg
Linearity ±3 µg
Weighing Area Size ø 16 + ø 60 mm (weighing pan for filters)
Manufacturer Dini Argeo
Display 5.7'' Touch Screen
Power Requirements 13.5 ÷ 16 V DC / 2.1 A
Brand Dini Argeo
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