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Capable of controlling both manual and automatic ingredient addition, the recipe system enables easy product selection, operator prompting with visual display, batch number traceability and output to a printer or host computer.

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Flexible recipe / batching system based on the GSE 665 indicator. Suitable for manual or automatic addition of ingredients or a combination of both User-friendly operation and management information output to printer and / or PC.

Product Selection:
• Products and associated recipes are stored in memory.
• Operators can select products by ID number or by picking from a list on screen.

Ingredients Targets:
• Each ingredient within a recipe has a target with upper and lower tolerances specified.
• As each ingredient is selected the target amount is tared off so that the operator is always aiming towards a zero reference.
• A graphical bar on the screen gives excellent visual feedback of amount added vs. target.

Ingredient Selection:
• The system can be configured to select subsequent ingredients in a variety of ways: automatically when a stable weight is detected in
the target range or manually through the keypad or an external button.
• The configuration also allows the tolerance handling to be specified from the following: progression prohibited completely if the weight
is outside the target range; progression outside the target range passcode protected; operator confirmation required outside the
target range; or no restrictions.

Multiple Scales:
• The system can have two scales if required; one for bulk ingredients and the other for fine ingredients.
• The scale is specified for each ingredient and the system automatically selects the scale when the ingredient is called up.

• Unique ID numbers are generated automatically for each mix.
• Batch numbers can be entered for each ingredient and are maintained in the memory.
• Details of each mix can be output to printer and/or PC for archive records.

Automatic Ingredient Addition:
• Any ingredients can be specified for automatic addition with a dedicated digital output channel.
• Optional output cards are required to provide the interface to external switchgear.
• Automatic addition can be combined with manual addition for a hybrid system.

• As the GSE 60 series is a totally programmable terminal the
standard system can be customised to suit the actual production operation and any additionalrequirements.

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