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RWS Dynamic Axle Weighing Scale

The RWS is a reinforced axle weighing platform which provides the facility to calculate the weight of a vehicle in motion, each axle is dynamically weighed as the veicle passes over the weighing module, at the end of the axles are summed giving you a gross weight plus teh individiual axles weights. The RWS is designed for a flush floor installation through a purpose made pit frame.

There are many factors to consider such as the type of ground an civil works that need to be carried out during the installation. It is important to have a clear straight run before and after the axle weighing bridge to ensure the dynamic weighing function works accurately.

We have a number of dynamic weighing terminals and readouts suitable for all types of process and procedures. We offer a full turnkey package including civils, installation and annual support.

Call us to speak to our Vehicle Weighing Expert and discuss your requirements.

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• Sturdy loading surface in striated sheet steel, sized to withstand any load on the basis of the parameters dictated by the 96/53/EEC directive (maximum load on single axle for the vehicles transiting in Europe).
• Sandblasting and varnishing with bi-component epoxy coating, highly resistant to corrosion.
• Dimensions of the load surface (l x w): 3000 x 730mm 
• 6 stainless steel IP68 load cells.
• 10m cable for the connection to the weight indicator.
• Dust and waterproof wirings and connections, easy to connect and disconnect.
• Hermetic junction box.
• Pit frame for a flush floor installation.
• Maximum speed of transit: 5km/h.

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Load CellsIP68 Stainless Steel Load Cells
EC ApprovedOptional
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