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Mantra for Tanita: a scale overview of technology and tradition
The Tanita Corporation is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of precision digital scales. It has a long tradition of quality and over its 63 years of dedicated service, it has become a household brand in Japan with a continually growing worldwide presence. The Tanita Corporation has pioneered the development of a wide range of precision products and it is responsible for creating a new market category in specialized precision digital scales. The Tanita Corporation has products ranging from scales that are designed for the professional jeweler to a humble home owner, or from a world class tri athlete to a self conscious teenager.

The Tanita Corporation also offers the cutting edge Body Composition Analyser, a new breed of smart digital scales that could revolutionize the whole industry of bathroom scales. This revolutionary piece of hardware just doesn't tell you how much you weigh. It also tells you what makes up that weight. This technological breakthrough is now spreading across hospitals, and with newer, more compact models, it's also beginning to appear in homes.

Let's take a closer look at the range of precision instruments that The Tanita Corp. offers us and what all of us could benefit from investing in one or another.
The Tanita Corp. offers a wide range of products that can fit a wide spectrum of needs and necessities.

With over 60 years in the design and manufacture of digital scales, The Tanita Corporation offers a whole world of precision instruments for health care professionals, veterinarians, food lovers and even jewelers. Each precision calibrated device is designed with the highest standard in mind and is world renowned for their accuracy, quality and reliability. With far reaching vision, Tanita Body Composition Analysers continue to help maintain and prevent obesity related medical conditions. You can also be sure that Tanita's digital adult and pediatric analyzers are built to the same standards and dominate in their own class of digital scales with their convenient operation and extended accuracy.

It's no mere bathroom scale. The Tanita Iron man, Iron girl and InnerScan monitors offer you leap year advancements in bathroom scales.
These bathroom scale lookalikes are nothing of the like. Built with multiple electrodes that have the capability of scanning your body for percentages of fat, water, muscle, bone plus your overall weight and caloric intake, this range of monitors have been specially designed to be fit a competitive athlete's needs. Knowing where your fat is or how much of it is there can lead you not only to the right area of exercise you could also decide how much exercise is needed. Utilized with the right kind of knowledge, preparation and action, these Tanita instruments help promote your overall health and well being.

The Food and Drug Administration has certified each line of Tanita products.
Having undergone stringent testing and review, the FDA has certified that all of Tanita's products are nothing but the best. Build with top quality products and components each Tanita product bears the seal of approval by the FDAensuring customers from the world over that what they have just purchased is a product that delivers the most precise and accurate measurements and readings that have met world standards.

Monitor your body's composition with your smart device.
Like many cutting edge items now currently being designed, the Tanita systems can also hook up with your smart device via bluetooth. So if you're eye sight is too bad to see all the way down to the digital LCD or your back refuses to accept your go signal to bend and stoop to take a look, have no fear, all your stats can be displayed on your smart device whether it's a an android, iPhone or an iTouch. An optional wireless display can also be purchased. If you don't have a smart phone, this is the item for you. This bluetooth display sports a huge easy to read screen with blue back-light and automatic scrolling of your measurements and readings.
Solar scales. Tanita scales have gone green.

For those of you with a mind on saving the planet, Tanita offers an environment-friendly bathroom scales that needs no outlet of batteries to function. This Tanita scale harnesses the power of the sun or your bathroom's light bulb, in order to function. Rated at the highest standards, as all of Tanita's products are, this simple yet eco-friendly device marks one up for the planet.

Tanita hasn't forgotten the past, rather it treasures it.
Tanita's line of traditional bathroom scales come in varied forms and colors. Although a far cry from its line of cutting edge products, this series of bathroom scales are produced with the utmost pride in excellence and respect to the past and instead of being a hindrance to development, this line keeps the Tanita Corporation grounded and anchored in its long history of quality and unceasing quest for product perfection.

The Tanita Corporation has succeeded in revolutionizing the technology involving digital scales. From its humble beginnings of designing and producing traditional bathroom scales, it now a leadingbrand in a new world market of smart scales that could provide vital information on our body's daily state, giving us details that previously wasn't available to us unless we went to a doctor or a specialist. While showcasing a multitude of health promoting devices, Tanita continues to pay tribute to its past of excellence, proof that it continues to be dedicated in the pursuit of a better life and better service.

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