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Tank / Vessel Weighing Solutions

More and more companies are deciding to add tank level monitoring systems to their silos and vessels due to improvements to process or checking supplier deliveries for correct loads being pumped directly into large silos.

Types of Load Cells

There are a variety of load cells that can be used in weighing tanks, vessels or silos. Its important to choose the correct type of load cell depending on a number of factors.

Tank Farm Compression Cells Compression Load Cell

These are our favourite type of load cell and mount to use, they are easy to install and interface with most legs, due to the design of the load cell mounts they are easy to service. Invariably over time things do go wrong so it's important to choose a load cell mount that gives you the ability to easily replace the load cells, the compression cells we offer allow the mounts to be jacked up allowing the load cell to be slid out and quickly replaced. Our compression load cell kits can be used on applications from 600kg to 100T

Double Ended Cells Double Ended Shear Beam

The double ended shear beam load cell is another good option for tanks and vessels being installed outside, the design of this types of cell lends itself very well to higher capacity weighing, the load is applied centrally through the load cell, it is supported on either end, the load shear on the cell under deflection is measured in two points of the load cell, this reduces the effects of any transverse forces, however torque does affect the result so not ideal for use where blenders and mixes are installed. The compact construction of the unit allows easy installation under existing silos or vessels.

Lever Mount Style Lever Mount Load Cell

For lighter applications we like using the lever mount style load cell, this load cell and mount features a simple slide in and engage style of weighing making installation and ongoing service a really simple and low cost method. If any problems arise there is no need to bring in jacking devices to unload the cell before removal, simply unwinding the bolts relieves the load on the cell as its supported by the top of the mount, when the bolts are fully removed and the load is taken off, the cell it simply pulls away from the mount allowing inspection or replacement.

Bending Beam Style Bending Beam Load Cell

We utilise bending beam style cells in smaller applications such as intermediate hoppers and vessel where bulk product is sent before being used in a process. The accuracy on these cells is greater due to the lower capacity, typically we use these where weights are between 15-500kg, we find a bending beam load cell and assembly suitable for weighing belts, hoppers, tanks and mixers with small or medium size load.

Load Cell Calibration Signal Injection Calibration

Its worth noting that once your structure has had load cells installed a calibration procedure will need to be performed, our parent company offer load cell calibration via mass, force transfer and signal injection therefore we have you covred for installation and ongoing maintenance of your load cells, periodic checking of these load cells are advised especially if they form part of a process weighing system.

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