Dini Argeo


Innovative pallet truck scale with electric traction tiller.

TPW "E-FORCE" combines the benefits of electric pallet trucks with the precision of a Dini Argeo hand pallet truck scale.
Thanks to the electric traction tiller, weighing and handling has never been so easy!

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  • The use of the electric traction tiller guarantees greater efficiency during load handling operations.
  • Vacuum servo always active during all work phases for the operator's safety.
  • 100 g division for highly accurate weighing.
  • Silent and compact, it helps to reduce noise emissions in the working environments.
  • The lightest electric traction tiller on the market: its reduced weight guarantees operator comfort, even in manual mode.
  • The ergonomic handle allows great manoeuvring precision and speed in operations.
  • Thanks to the removable key, once the work operations are completed, it is possible to turn off the pallet truck engine and park it in the desired place, in total safety.
  • The two electric wheels allow greater stability to the pallet truck scale, even in the rest position.
  • Easy and quick to recharge, thanks to the removable battery.
  • The innovative "EASY-LIFT" system lightens load lifting operations.
More Information
Maximum Capacity 1250kg
Division / Increment 0.1kg
EC Approved Optional
Fork Length 1150mm
Fork Width: 180mm
Width Over Forks 550mm
Steering Wheel Powered by Tiller
Power Requirements Rechargeable Battery - Supplied
Load Cells 4 x IP68 Stainless Steel Load Cells
IP Rating No Rating
Communication WiFi, Bluetooth
Battery Life up to 8 h, depending on use, load and slope (3 to 5 h for standard use). Unlimited autonomy with the purchase of the optional additional battery code "E-PACK".
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