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TPWI "EX" 2GD - ATEX Pallet Truck Scale - Zone 1, 21, 2 & 22

Crafted to excel in rigorous work environments, our pallet truck scales boast an integrated electronic weighing system, making them an exceptional choice for challenging conditions and hazardous locales, including Zone 1, 21, 2, and 22 classifications. These scales are designed to meet the stringent Ex II 2GD IIB T4 T197°C X protection standards, prioritizing safety and performance in equal measure.

A distinguishing feature of these scales is the incorporation of four Atex certified IP68 stainless steel load cells for weight detection. This advanced technology ensures unparalleled precision across a wide spectrum of work conditions, guaranteeing accurate measurements even in the most demanding situations. Whether it's heavy cargo or delicate materials, these scales provide the confidence and accuracy needed for critical weighing tasks.

Moreover, the scales are engineered with a focus on versatility and adaptability. The stainless steel forks, showcased in accompanying visuals, are available as an optional addition. This proves essential in scenarios where potential contact with other metals or surfaces like walls exists, safeguarding both the equipment and the integrity of the weighing process.

As a testament to their exceptional quality and adherence to industry standards, these pallet truck scales also hold the CE-M APPROVED certification. This seal of approval underscores their compliance with rigorous quality and safety benchmarks, reassuring users of their reliability and suitability for a wide array of applications. When it comes to robustness, precision, and safety, these pallet truck scales stand as a dependable solution for the most demanding industrial weighing challenges.

The weight detection made with four Atex certified IP68 stainless steel load cells guarantees the precision in all work conditions.

Starting at £5,497.00 £6,596.40

Grouped product items
ModelCapacityDivisionFork LengthRRPPriceQty
TPW20IEX2GD 500kg / 1000kg / 2000kg 0.2kg / 0.5kg / 1kg 1170mm £8,376.00
Our Price £5,497.00 £6,596.40 List Price £10,051.20
TPW20IEX2GDM 1000kg / 2000kg 0.5kg / 1kg 1170mm £8,616.00
Our Price £5,680.00 £6,816.00 List Price £10,339.20
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• Bearing structure entirely in extra thick STAINLESS steel.
• Weight indicator with waterproof IP68 STAINLESS STEEL case, easy to clean and resistant to harsh and corrosive environments; large high contrast 25mm LCD display, easily visible also in poor lighting conditions and waterproof membrane keypad, with 16 numerical/functional keys.
• Calibration and Set-Up parameters configurable from keyboard or from PC.
• Low battery warning. Programmable auto switch-off.
• Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger to be recharged in a safe area.

More Information
ATEX ZoneZone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22
Maximum Capacity600kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg, 2000kg
Division / Increment0.2kg, 0.5kg, 1kg
EC ApprovedOptional
Fork Length1170 mm
Fork Width:150 mm
Width Over Forks550 mm
Steering WheelRubber Coating
Power RequirementsRechargeable Battery
Load CellsFour IP68 STAINLESS steel, ATEX certified, shear-beam load cells.
IP RatingIP68
Battery Life40Hrs
Loading WheelRubber Coating
Estimated Ship Time1 Week
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