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Portable Vehicle Weighing Pads

Dini Argeo Vehicle weighing pads to quickly and easily calculate loads for safe transportation. Using two pads it becomes easy to set up an axle weighing system. It is important that operators of vehicles know the weights of their vehicles when travelling on the roads. The vehicle weighing scales from Dini Argeo offer a simple and reliable method of accurately measuring the load on a truck, lorry or van. The portability of the models below allow them to be taken from site to site or stored away easily. The cost of fines is often greater than the cost of vehicle weighing pads, this makes them an important piece of equipment for checking loads.

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The portability of our axle weighing pads makes them ideal for spot checks of your fleet to ensure you fo not overload your vehicles. When fleets operate under an O Licence the importance of being compliant is paramount to ensure that you are not flagged as an operator who runs overloaded.

All of the pads found on this page are manufactured in Europe by Dini Argeo, we do not make cut and shut models using inferior pads bought from China, the axle pads conform with EU standards, we are seeing companies offer the Dini Argeo weighing terminal with products that are simply not built to last. If the pads you have seen do not look like the ones on our page they are not endorsed by Dini Argeo and the warranty on the terminal is invalidated.

It is important to buy the right axle weighing system at the start to ensure a good supply of spare parts and cable assemblies.

Unlike some companies we offer testing of the weigh pads using a purpose built force calibration rig, our calibrated load cell is traceable to UKAS national standards allowing us to offer ISO9001 traceable certificates for each axle weigh pad up to 10,000kg