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Scalesmart - Industrial weighing Scales

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Vehicle Weighing

The Scalesmart range of Vehicle weighing scales are designed to easily calculate loads for safe transportation or sale of goods using gross and NET weights.

There are three main types of Vehicle Weighing Scales, these are typically called Weighbridges, Dynamic Axle Weighers and Portable Weigh Pads. There are a number of configurations and setups available so its always best to seek advice from professional vehicle weighing companies who specialise in this field and know what they are talking about rather than offering a product online wth the "best price" as that quite often isn't the "best value" for you.

Scalesmart's sister business Weightru has employees with decades of experience in the Vehicle Weighing Industry. Call us today to discuss your vehicle weighing requirements and we'll ensure you speak to someone from the Weightru team.

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The Dini Argeo pads above are a patented design and manufactured in Italy to high standards, the current market is awash with low cost vehicle weighing pads from across the globe, the Dini Argeo range of weigh pads are built using high strength aluminium that is CNC machined to precise measurements, this ensures a high quality finish that is durable and will last for a long time. Spare parts and components are readily available for these weighing pads, this is an important point to take into account when choosing a vehicle scale system. The range of pads we sell will allow you to weigh 95% of the vehicles on the road today, there are a wide range of weighing options and interfaces to computers or printers.

These pads have been very popular with councils and police forces across the UK who recognise quality over price.

Call us for help in choosing a vehicle weighing system, we have an experienced sales teams that are ready to help with any enquiry you may have.