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Weighing Software Capabilities / Shop Floor Data capture

WeighLogic OCM

Who need traceability systems?
More and more food factories are improving their traceability by using shop floor data capture systems to capture and display data to operators, whether data capture is done by barcode scanning or manual input through a touchscreen we provide the solution that works.

Our WeighLogic suite of data capture traceability software is aimed at business looking to improve their processes and systems. Shop floor stations follow the product as it moves around the factory monitoring at each stage for ultimate traceability capabilities.

Business such as Long Clawson Dairy, home of teh Stilton Cheese, Pukka Pies, famous for their chip shop pies and Dawnfresh the largest trout processor in Europe utilise our hardware and software to improve their business systems. 

Our highly experienced business analyst who has over 30 years in the food/meat industry will visit your site and walk through your porcess to understand your business fully.

What can you do for us?

By providing you with an assortment of data capture points product flows around your business and gives you traceability for quality control, yields and efficiency. Our WeighLogic system is modular therefore you can start with a simple pick and pack system and add on modules such as recipe weighing and box labelling as you grow or your staff become used to our software.

What equipment should be used?

Our software runs on shop floor industrial PCs, hand held android based scanners and office based PCs. We can provide the entire system package and give you aturnkey package that meets your needs.

Systems Integration

We understand that many companies have existing accounts packages and ERP systems therefore we have created a series of APIs that provide a link from products such as SAP and Navision into the WeighLogic database. Long Clawson Dairy for example have had their solution (with our input) give them much more data rich features such as KPI dashboards that shows data from their Navision ERP and the WeighLogic database all in one place on the shop floor.

Automatic Inline Checkweighers

Our WeighLogic Module can integrate with other hardware to extract data from CheckWeighers or Weigh Price Labellers, this allows you to see a wider range of data all through the office client module.

WeighLogic Office Client

WeighLogic Office Client

The WeighLogic office client gives users access to all their various modules, permission levels can ensure operators only see what they have authority to see or the tasks they need to carry out, this client is customisable and allows you to create simple workflows ensuring procedures are followed.

Shop Floor Equipment


The PUE 5 is a robust shop floor terminal that runs Windows 10, the WeighLogic app is lightweight and runs quickly with no lag improving performance of your operators.

Zebra Scanner

Zebra handheld scanners are useful for moving stock in and out, booking jobs into different areas of the factory and providing realtime data to the operator. We prefer to use Zebra due to their robust nature and cost effective pricing.

More Information

Please contact us on 0800 915 4201 if you would like to understand more about our shop floor traceability systems. We look forward to helping provide the solution to your needs.

To all of you, from all of us at Scalesmart & MWS Ltd

Andrew Clarke
Sales Director