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WeiMonitor - PC Software

WeiMonitor is the PC program which allows to monitor and record in real time all the weighs made on the connected scale, storing them in a text or Excel file for further processing.
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Easy to configure Versatility:
WeiMonitor can be used with all DFW, DGT, 3590E, and CPWE instruments, as well as crane scales, pallet truck scales, weighing forks etc.

WeiMonitor alerts the user directly on the scale if the data was recorded or not, allowing the use the scale far away from the

PC. Customization:
It is possible to customize the program by inserting your logo and translate the user interface directly in own language (.ini file). Management of the main communication modes: RS232, USB, Ethernet-Wifi (TCP-IP).

Main Functions:
• Display of the weight, with the possibility to manage the semiautomatic tare through dedicated key.
• Manual recording by pressing a key of your choice on the PC or directly on the scale.
• Automatic recording in a determined amount of time, with programmable reading frequency.
• Storing of the data in a text (.txt) or Excel (.xls) file.
• Keyboard emulation, to enter the data directly in the opened Windows application, allowing the filling of notes, documents, invoices, etc.
• Approved functioning with recording of the ID weight (it requires the alibi memory inside the indicator).

PC Requirements: 
Pentium IV or equivalent - 256 Mb Ram
• 200 MB of empty space on disk
• Windows XP or Windows 7
• Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 or greater
• Monitor with 800x600 minimum resolution, 256 colours


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