WPT 400x500mm

Radwag WPT Bench Scale


ASW3 3kg x 0.1g Bench Scale

WPT Precision Scale

High resolution WPT platform scale. It is used wherever fast and precise determination of net weight is required. The WPT series features an indicator PUE C/31 series comprising backlit LCD display. WPT scales is manufactured using powder coated mild steel profiles, with stainless steel weighing platform.
Grouped product items
Model Capacity Division Size RRP Price Qty
WPT6/F1/NV 6kg 0.2g 300 x 300mm £285.00
£285.00 £342.00
WPT12/F1/NV 12kg 0.5g 300 x 300mm £285.00
£285.00 £342.00
WPT30/F1/NV 30kg 1g 300 x 300mm £285.00
£285.00 £342.00
WPT30/C2/NV 30kg 2g 400 x 500mm £365.00
£365.00 £438.00
WPT60/C2/NV 60kg 5g 400 x 500mm £365.00
£365.00 £438.00
WPT120/C2/NV 120kg 10g 400 x 500mm £365.00
£365.00 £438.00
WPT300/C2/NV 300kg 20g 400 x 500mm £365.00
£365.00 £438.00
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Precise Weighing Results in Industrial Conditions
WPT platform scale ensures precise and fast mass measurement in industrial conditions.
Reliability and Safety
Robust platform made of powder-coated steel designed for various weighing processes allows to weight different types of loads, ensuring durability and endurance in everyday use.
Versatility of Use
Various possibilities of fastening the indicator to the weighing platform enable selecting appropriate solution for different places of operation. The indicator can be mounted next to the platform, on a post or using cable.

Cooperation with PUE C/31 Indicator
The scale can be operated via uncomplicated and reliable PUE C/31 indicator housed in an ABS housing.
Uncomplicated Operation and Clear Presentation of Indications
Due to a backlit LCD display the measurement result is clearly visible. Easy operation enables fast and reliable measurements to be carried out even by an inexperienced operator.
Uninterrupted Operation due to an Internal Battery
Integrated battery of the weighing indicator enables several hours long mobile operation.
Ergonomics and Comfort of Operation
Models with indicator on a cable enable its installation in a place facilitating convenient operation. An additional accessory enables placing the indicator on a stand or mounting it to the wall.
Customizable Instrument
Numerous variants of weighing pan dimensions and broad range of maximum capacities enable selecting the best weighing instrument suiting specific requirements and needs.
More Information
Manufacturer Radwag
Power Requirements 100 ÷ 240 V AC 50 ÷ 60 Hz / 12 V DC and battery
Battery Life 35hrs
Display LCD (backlit)
IP Rating No Rating
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