Can cheap counting scales save you money?

As the customer you put a value on your product. Whether that price is high or low there are a few important factors that need to be understood before investing in a counting scale.

• The value of items being counted
• The piece weight of the smallest and largest part
• Acceptable loss (over or under counts)
• Internal resolution

The value of items being counted

Imagine that your parts have a value of 5 pence each, its plausible that you could lose 1% per count. On a count of 1000 that equates to 50p. It may not sound a great deal of money, but if on average there was 10 weighings a day over a year that adds up to £1300.00.

That is a considerable amount of money to lose, of course it may never be quite as bad as that example, but it is certainly worth giving thought to.

ASC Counting Scale

The piece weight of the smallest and largest part

By determining your lightest and heaviest items you can make an educated choice as to which model will be best suited to you application, for example a 3kg x 0.1g model is ideal counting parts that weigh as much as a paper clip but not really suited to items that have a similar weight to a pound coin.

Acceptable loss

Customers do not like receiving short orders, it creates problems and overall costs money to fix them, aside from the financial implications of an unhappy customer.

When choosing a counting scale it's a good idea to decide how accurate you need the unit to be, this has a relation to the cost of the scale. If your parts have a cost of 0.1p each, giving away 10 or so might not matter, if they're worth 20p each do you really want to rely on a cheap counting scale to give you an accurate count?

Internal Resolution

The internal resolution of a counting scales determines the accuracy of the counting and weighing capabilities. Imagine a 30cm ruler with graduations every 1cm, using it to dimension something to the nearest 1mm would be impossible. Higher internal resolution is similar to adding extra graduations at 1mm intervals. The higher the resolution the more accurate your readings will be.

Counting scales use internal counts to display your readings rather than the displayed reading, when counting a scale that displays 3kg x 10g maybe the same or more accurate than a scale showing 3kg x 1g.

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