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Scalesmart - Industrial weighing Scales

Pallet Weighing Scales

Pallet Weighing Scales come in all shapes and sizes, on this page you will find a range of basic pallet scales ideal for use in a wide range of industries. The most popular and low cost way of weighing pallets is a set of pallet beams. The yellow products you see on this page are manufactured by Scalesmart and not cheap imports. The components used are sourced from the UK and are readily available. Pallet Weighing is a heavy duty application, the scales need to be robust and built to handle the abuse they are likely to get. Scalesmart has been manufacturing and selling pallet scales for 15 years, these weighing scales are built to last. By buying from Scalesmart you are cutting out the middleman, these scales would cost an extra 30% from a dealer.

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What sets the Scalesmart Pallet Scales apart from other inferior models:

  • Heavy Duty Load Cell Cable (not thin cable usually found)
  • Cable exits at the rear not the side so protected from pump trucks and fork lifts
  • Heavy Duty Bulgin connectors that are robust and unlikely to fail
  • Good quality feet for stability
  • High Quality Load Cells from Flintec
  • Hard wearing Yellow Powder Coat finish that is highly visable
  • Easily moved with wheels and handles at rear
  • Range of Indicator options for various tasks