Pocket Scales FAQs

The All-Important Benefits of Pocket Scales

Pocket scales or compact scales are handheld weighing devices that can easily fit the pocket. In general, these devices are widely used weighing items that are up to 500 grams. Because they are handy, they are utilized by individuals in the hunting, military, and construction fields. These hand held devices are very useful and come in a myriad of styles, colors, sizes, and shapes. They have state of the art features like auto calibration, full tare capacity, auto on-feature, and full range tare, among others. Flip scales, rechargeable pocket scales, and hanging scales are different classes of compact scales that are widely available on the market.

The mentioned scales are extremely versatile and can be very useful for active individuals who are always on the go. For ordinary office workers, they can be used to weigh papers, boxes, pens, and pencils that are up for distribution. For medical practitioners, pocket scales can be used for lab measurements, or during field work where precision is necessary and bulky weighing devices are not available. In addition, they can be used in the kitchen as substitute to digital scales that are used to weigh food and food ingredients. Simply put, these handheld devices are quite useful in so many ways. Below are other conditions wherein pocket scales can be used.

Uses of pocket scales

  • For Dieting

Hardcore dieters who need to know the precise weight of their food and measure portions will certainly love these handheld scales. It can also determine the weight of health drinks, protein drinks, and smoothies. While these things may seem unnecessary, it should be remembered that in order to really lose a substantial amount of weight, strict dieters need to consider the exact amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and other nutrients that they consume.

These compact weighing scales also have another advantage for dieters—they can be taken anywhere and can be used discreetly while dining out. Plus, they can be taken on business trips, overnight vacations, and camping activities.

  • For Business

Retail sellers and other business personnel that rely on updated measurements of the products they offer may also find these hand held weighing instruments quite useful. A lot of times, measurement scales are used to keep up with the demands of the consumer for different applications. When these scales suddenly malfunction, business transactions can be severely hampered.

Putting the said factors into consideration, having pocket scales on hand for back-up purposes can be ideal for those who want to make sure that business transactions will not be interrupted when equipment malfunction takes place. Some compact scales can be connected to computers to provide accurate data for various calculations.

  • For Travelling

There are times when travellers and tourists need to weigh their suitcases and handheld luggage before check-in collection to eliminate additional payment. In this regard, hand held scales can be used to determine the exact weight of small items or check the weight of some stuff while on-the-go.

Overview of pocket scales uses

Because of its myriad of uses, it can be said that purchasing pocket scales is a good investment that anyone who wish to utilize their time wisely can purchase. On the other hand, there are a couple of things that need to be put into consideration when using them. When using these compact devices, the service manual and instructions should be carefully read and understood. If it is treated with care, it can provide many years of service. This is because these devices are specifically designed to last for many years, given that proper care is practiced. In fact, some have shockproof features that protect their electronic components inside.

Also, users of these handheld devices should never exceed their maximum weighing ability. Once they are overloaded, they should be immediately taken to service centers otherwise, permanent damage may develop. As such, they should be handled with extreme care and caution when placing items on their tray tops. Also, rough treatment can damage its sensors and therefore deliver inappropriate data.

Furthermore, since pocket scales rely on spring technology to produce reliable data, it should never be exposed to elements that may negatively affect the elasticity of the springs. With this in mind, they should not be exposed to extremely high temperatures since these components are susceptible to these elements.

Users should also let these devices adapt to regular room temperature for about 30 minutes to an hour before using it. With regards to operation, they should be given enough time to warm up (30 to 60 seconds) for the electronic components to stabilize. This is important for those who want exact and appropriate calibration.


In the end, it can be said that pocket scales are very important devices that can be quite handy for professionals, especially jewellers, gold buyers, collectors, doctors, researchers, medical practitioners, and geologists among others. This is because these people need access to accurate weight data of various items.

A lot of times, jewellers and collectors use these handheld weighing devices when on the go or when they want to acquire items while outside their business establishments. On the other hand, medical practitioners utilize them when mixing or analyzing compounds that need to be determined in the soonest possible time.

So, instead of settling for bigger weighing equipment that will take up much space and are difficult to carry, it would be best to purchase handheld weighing devices that can deliver accurate weight data. This option is more beneficial since they can be utilized while one is on the go. Overall, it can be said that pocket scales are small devices that give huge advantages to its consumers.