Scales FAQ

Scales: Different Types and Many Uses

Scales come in a lot of different types and forms and are used for many purposes. Weighing scales are generally categorized depending on their purpose. There are some types of scales that can only be used for one purpose, while there are some other types of scales that can be intended for numerous purposes. These scales may also come with an analog readout, may be more modernized with a digital readout, or a combination of both analog and digital.

One of the most commonly known weighing scales is the bathroom scale. Almost everyone owns a bathroom scale, especially those who are undergoing a physical fitness program or those who would want to monitor their weight. Other popular kinds of scales are adult, animal, baby, counting, craneandtruck, diet, discount, food, kitchen, laboratory, metal weighing, nutrition, pocket and scales for weighing postages and for weighing shipments. These weight measuring products are available world wide, and can be purchased in almost any stores.

Difference of Analog Scales from Digital Scales

Both the analog scales and the digital scales are designed for specific purposes and are priced almost similarly. However, the more modernized digital scales are a lot more accurate than those scales that have analog readouts. One difference of analog scales from the digital weight measuring products is that the older types come in round dials, with a pointer or a pin that moves to the right in accordance to the weight that is being applied. The markings on the dials of analog scales are spaced equally between the numbers to specify fractional amounts such as ¼ or ½. On the other hand, digital scales come with LED or LCD readouts. People will not find pins or pointers on these digital readout displays.

Accuracy is another difference between these two. Reading the display on an analog scale may pose a little problem for those who are having difficulties leaning over to check the readout in between their feet. The reading will also depend on the angle where it is being viewed, especially if the pointer or the pin falls between the markings of the fractional numbers. Since digital scales are more modern, some of them can be programmed to display the weight measurement to the specified decimal places. This means that weight readouts are more accurate than those being displayed in the analog dials.

The pricing of analog scales may be a little cheaper than the digital ones, but more and more people prefer going for the latter, since they only have a small difference in price, and some digital weighingmachines also include having an analog readout display. Both analog and digital weighing products come in different brands, models, shapes and sizes. Digital weighing machines are usually battery operated and includes calibration weights, trays, as well as scale pads.

How Digital Scales Work

These electronic devices that are designed to measure the weight of an object or a person works through the use of load cell technology. The electronic load cells with in the digital scales function by sensing the object’s weight or the person’s weight and is then calculated. This calculation is transferred to electronic or digital signals that are then displayed on the digital readout screen through an electronic format. This makes digital scales a lot accurate than the older style of analog scales.

Types of Weighing Scales

Baby scales are often seen being used in doctor’s offices, pediatrician’s clinics, hospitals and in homes. These are used to determine the rate of growth of babies as well as infants. Scales that are used to determine the amount of food being taken include diet, nutrition, and food scales. These types of weighing scales are perfect for those who are weight conscious or for body builders. The most popular of all weight measurement products is the bathroom scale. Bathroom scales are used to measureindividual weights and can often be purchased with inclusion of other good features such as body fatmeasurements and Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements.

Laboratory scales are designed to be used in the scientific and the medical field. This type of scales measure micro particles such as lint, dust, and others that have an extremely light weightmeasurement. Animal scales are used to weigh pets and farm animals. These are manufactured with a special design to ensure that the animals and the pets are comfortable while being weighed. Cranescales are usually scales that are hanging which include lifts to carry heavy items. Truck scales are used to measure the weights of vehicles and even the weight of rigs and tankers.

Postal and shipping scales are made for the purpose of weighing parcels, shipments and postal mails. Many of the more modern postal and shipping scales are programmed with digital information that displays current postal rates according to the item’s weight. This feature allows this type of weight measuring device to adjust the rates every time that there will be a change in the valueof postal fees and services. Counting scales is another of the most commonly used weighing tools made with the purpose of counting coins and currencies. This type of weighing scales is also very useful in the industry of machine parts construction.

In conclusion, weighing scales are made for different purposesand uses. These are available in many shapes, styles and designs and are priced differently from each other. If you would like to own one for your personal use, then bathroom scales is the perfect one for you.