Micro Weighing Solutions

Product Lookup & Labelling

With product recall, price computing, use-by date calculation, totalising and customised label printing, the system provides all of the basic requirements for an outer case marking application.
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Product Selection: • Products and associated data are stored in memory. • Operators can select products by ID number or by picking from a list on screen. • Product details displayed on screen for operator feedback.Label Printing: • Label printing can be automatic or by manual initiation through the keypad or external button. • Up to 9 label formats can be defined and specified for each product along with a separate label for totals (if configured). • Label layouts can be designed in a drag and drop editor for any EPL2 compatible printer (Zebra 2844, 2746, Intermec C4 and UTP models) or by direct coding for others.Additional Features: • Totalising can be enabled to provide accumulation of weight and number of weighings with labels for sub-totals as well as grand totals. • Use by date can be calculated from a specified offset for the product or manually entered. • An alphanumeric product code can be specified in addition to the product name and numeric ID for lookup. • Price computing to calculate price to pay from the product unit price for printing on the label.Product Editing: • The list of products in the memory can be edited either through the scale, on a host PC in a text file and downloaded or using GSE Wedge™.Customisation: • As the GSE 60 series is a totally programmable terminal the standard system can be customised to suit the actual production operation and any additional requirements.
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