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Vehicle Weighing Scales Buying Guide

Unsure about which vehicle weighing system?

When you're in the market for vehicle weighing systems, you probably realised that there is a bewildering number of choices and options, so how do you go about choosing one?

First things first, ScaleSmart only sell quality European designed and manufactured weighpads, quite simply when you make a massive investment you want to know that your equipment can be serviced and maintained by a reputable company, fear not we're that company.

When choosing a weighing pad system there are few questions we always ask.
• Whats the purpose of weighing?
• Do you want to weigh in-motion?
• What's the biggest vehicle you want to weigh?
• Do you need to record the weight data electronically?

Whats the purpose of weighing?

There may be a few reasons why you need to weigh your vehicles, the most common one is ensuring vehicles do not hit the road overloaded, the cost and frequency of fines for overloaded vehicles are increasing, its also important to remember that the fines are per axle, not the vehicle, its possible that a vehicle may be under its maximum weight but still have an overloaded axle.

Another reason is ensuring deliveries to customers or from suppliers are correct, the last thing you want is a visit from trading standards inspector who gives you a notice of closure until you satisfy their requests for trade approved weighing equipment.

We have also worked with farmers who want to weigh loads coming in from fields to monitor yields and know accurately what they have in their stores.

Do you want to weigh In-Motion

Larger multi axle vehicles such as articulated lorries may not have the time for stopping on the pads to weigh each axle individually, we have an option to use clever technology that can weigh a vehicle in motion as long as it is under 5km/h, the values are totalised automatically and a ticket printed. This is ideal for larger fleets of vehicles as well, an operator checks their fleets load as they leave the yard in the morning ensuring not a single vehicle is at risk of a hefty fine

Whats the biggest vehicle you want to weigh?

This question is rather self explanatory, however its important to know that the pads are listed individually, the weight values are doubled to give you an axle value, We highly recommend to customers that they find out the maximum GWT of the biggest vehicle and measure the maximum foot print of the tyres so that the correct size pad can be chosen.

Recording Data

Every weigh pad terminal we sell features a built in thermal printer that detais axle weights, totals and date/time, however we also have options for wireless repeater stations, USB interfaces to computers and storage of weight records to a USB or Multimedia card.

Repairs, Spares & Calibration

Calibration of weigh pads can be important so that you have a valid weight record of the pads being tested. Some weigh pads that we sell have a maximum individual weight of 20 tonnes, its is therefore impossible to physically put test block weights on weigh pads, even the smallest 300 x 400mm pads can weigh 1500Kg plus. We offer a specialist calibration rig that uses hydraulic force to apply a known value to a weigh pad, we test and calibrate weigh pads properly, unless someone else knows how to fit 1500Kg of weights on a small area we'll stick to our professional and correct method..... calibration is traceable to national standards. We also stock spares for weigh pads, these include loadcells, cables, terminals and printer rolls. It will be neccesarry to recalibrate weigh pads if the cables are replaced, we store the calibration electronically in case of a terminal failure (this is yet to happen).

Recommended Vehicle Scales

Scalesmart & MWS Ltd are the number one supplier of Dini Argeo vehicle weighing equipment in the UK, be safe and sure by talking to the experts, you'll be in safe hands.

To all of you, from all of us at Scalesmart & MWS Ltd

Andrew Clarke
Sales Director